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Welcome To Our Community

Joining our community means that you get access to helpful information to guide your journey in the blockchain space. The community is open to all genders of the diaspora. It is the number one place to be. Check out what the community can offer you and join today!

BWBC Community is a space where you can be around people who are just like you. We created a space where you can be free to ask any blockchain related questions without hesitation. A community that nurtures and helps you get comfortable in the blockchain space.

We have cultivated the right type of Blockchain resources to help you soar. Take advantage of blockchain books for various levels. If you want to code we have resources for that as well.

Get certified from Subject Matter Experts (SME). Our Blockchain Essential or Solidity Smart Contract course will give you the assurance that blockchain is the future and you have a role in it. Metaverse, DeFi, DAO, NFT and more. We have courses for you to grow.

We are building in 2022 and beyond. BWBC is creating pipelines to help you improve your skills and find careers or your passion in blockchain. Learn about the many blockchain jobs, improve your resume and connect with recruiters. We help you be confident in scaling your future towards financial freedom.

There is money to be made in blockchain and fintech. We have cultivated the resources to help you start your path towards closing the wealth gap. Get insight into where you can find money to fund your ideas while having the support of BWBC.

Most importantly it is about community. Tap into the diaspora and build your networth through your network. We have people from across the diaspora and more; all blockchain enthusiasts who believe in the power of decentralization. Connect with them and expand your ability to do more with blockchain.

Don't Take Our Word For It!

See what our members are saying

Community Member

The community is full of resources. I was able to take advantage of the coding resources and start an intern in blockchain

Community Member

I recommend that everyone join the membership. It is truly worth it.

Community Member

I'm so excited to be part of the community. I have already started reaping the benefit of being a member. My boss just started talking about blockchain and I was able to add to the discussion and impress everyone.

Community Member

Joining BWBC Community has been amazing. There are so many resources to tap into to understand blockchain and help me break into the space.