Upcoming Project: NFT Africa "NFT Education for Local Women Artists in Africa”

Above is a picture of Moremi, a Yoruba Matriarch and Heroine of today’s southwestern Nigeria. She was fabled to have sacrificed her only son, “Oluorogbo” to the river god as a sacrifice for the peace of the people of her kingdom. She remains one of the most celebrated women in Yoruba history.

Just like Moremi, many women in Africa have sacrificed all their lives, passion, and potentials for others while they continue to go through life in grief. We believe many Moremis today have sacrificed their “only sons” (art skills) because of societal stereotypes, gender roles, and raising families. Women have sacrificed their ambitions and passion for raising families and children in Africa while abandoning their crafts or even doing it behind the doors. Non Fungible Token is the voice for the dead or dying spirit of Arts and cryptocurrency is the amplifier.

It has been observed that artists find it hard to make gains from their artworks, even harder for the female folks. The purpose of this proposal is to seek the support to fund an NFT education workshop for local female artists in Nigeria on the potential of creating Non-fungible Tokens for their artworks.

The 21st century Moremi’s do not have to live, sacrifice so much and die without any gains like Moremi the Heroine. These 21st century Moremi’s should reap the dividends of their sweats and crafts by learning the potentials of NFTs. Women artists can make a good income from their NFTs created and help other women artists’ communities. The project will increase the African users in the Blockchain ecosystem via their creation, management and sale of NFTs.


The NFT Africa workshop hopes to deliver an NFT education module and produce a final report containing prominent female artists’ snapshot on the emancipation of African female artists, potters, sculptors, painters, ceramists, and photographers, and help the female artists mint their artwork.

NFT Africa will be a structured three-month online program targeting 300 African women, that offers a robust set of resources for the ladies to transform their artwork into the digital future and scale their business.  The first effort will focus on Nigeria, to spark a new wave of creative female artists and ideas into the NFT landscape. The program will assist the ladies through the various stages of minting and selling their digital artwork. To build on the importance of this space the program will also dedicate time to providing an overview of blockchain, protocol, and NFT basics.

The structured program will focus on the following:

  • Basic building blocks of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)
  • Platform Support-creating and transforming their art into digital art
  • Guidance and Mentorship support- meetings with groups of successful Nigerian artists and NFT artists
  • Marketing/campaign support- selling and promoting their NFT Art

NFT Africa Workshop Plan 

Activity Duration
Orientation 1st week
NFT Basics 2nd-3rd week
Product Building 4th-8th week
Guidance 5th-10th week
Marketing 8th-12th
Closing 13th


Guest Speakers and Mentors with specialties in:

Documentary, self-portrait and urban portrait photographer,
Paper Quilling Visual Artist
Charcoal and paints artist
African Textile Artist
Visual artist


The NFT Africa program will be our opportunity to not only provide education but also help our community actively stake their projects to the blockchain and become part of the ecosystem.

We estimate that the initial budget to roll out the project in Nigeria will be $56,927.



Please contact in**@bw**.io for more information.