Jumping into Hackathons


Working together creates better results than working solo.

This phrase is so true, especially when innovating new ways to use technology and protect it from potential vulnerabilities. Hackathon offers the chance for people in the same industry to come together and learn from each other’s successes and failures. Professionals get to meet and collaborate, solve problems, share skills and help build better products.

What piqued my curiosity about hackathon is the fact that it gives me an opportunity to showcase my skills and to learn more about tech.

While hackathon is a great way for everyone to meet and collaborate with others in their field of expertise, there’s also a competitive side. Hackathon challenges attendees to exhibit their ability to innovate and create interesting, real-world solutions, using the latest software and technology.

One of the biggest benefits of attending a hackathon is learning new skills and obtaining new knowledge. I might gain more knowledge than I would in six months, because of the learning-by-doing approach employed at hackathons. I can also soak up information from fellow attendees, including ideas one may never have gained in tech schools or bootcamps.

It can be very easy to remain in one’s comfort zone, doing things one knows how to do and never really challenging oneself. At hackathon, there is no such safe space. It will constantly challenge me to push myself and move outside my comfort zone.

From working as part of a team of people who I don’t know, to doing things that one never even thought one would try, hackathon is a great way to discover new talents, passions and skills.

It may not sound like a selling point, but experiencing the pressure of having to come together with people I don’t know and create something entirely new in a brief space of time can be hugely rewarding. I don’t simply get a sense of achievement from completing the task — I also learn how to work efficiently, how to work as a team and how I can put my skills to work in a quick-turn environment.

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Author: Adeola