Meet Ihuoma “BWBC offers me the opportunity to learn through practical experiences while contributing to the blockchain community. I am positive that this will be an exciting and productive experience for me."   My name is Nwogu Ihuoma Esther. I am a young

Meet Funmi “This internship, provides me a safe space, to truly understand, explore with our hindrances, and contribute to the space, build a supportive and rich network of amazing women"   Finding a safe space to learn and contribute in the blockchain ecosystem

Meet Adeyinka “It feels great to contribute to the growth of women in the blockchain space and connect with more people."   I am excited to be interning with BWBC. BWBC is an organisation that focuses on the inclusion of black women in

Meet Adeola “Adding organizations that potential employers will recognize is a great way to get a leg up in a competitive job market, and that is why I have decided to be an intern at Black Women Blockchain Council."   An internship is

Meet JaVon “My goal is to be able to educate our community and assist in the growth of every woman connected to this organization.”   My expectations of the Black Women Blockchain Council Internship are to build a network of phenomenal people in

Meet Noi “This visibility will only further black women in blockchain because seeing ourselves make powerful moves let’s a sister know that she can do it too!”   Interning with Black Women Blockchain Council (BWBC) means opportunity, not just for me, but for

Meet Deborah “I peaked interest in this internship because the goal aligns with mine which is: empowering and educating women about the blockchain space.”   The BWBC internship is an opportunity I have been longing for. I peaked interest in this internship because

Meet Becky “This internship will help me deepen my knowledge and build capacity in the blockchain space.”   I am really excited to begin this internship with BWBC. This internship will help me deepen my knowledge and build capacity in the blockchain space.

Meet Mary “This inspires me because I know that by working together, we can accomplish great things.”   Being a member of the Black Women Blockchain Council (BWBC) internship makes me incredibly happy. I'm appreciative that Ms. Olayinka and the group were able to

Meet Favour   “I believe that the true potential of this technology can only be achieved with communal effort.” My first encounter with blockchain technology was as a tool to help creatives own and monetize their work. All I saw was a technology